The following are participant confirmations for AA Sports, Ltd. timed events. Confirmations will be posted on a regular basis. Please allow several days between when you register and your inclusion within these confirmation files. If you find any errors within your listing (i.e; misspelled name, incorrect address, wrong age, wrong T-shirt size, etc.) please contact AA Sports, Ltd. at events@racecenter.com with the corrections or changes.

Thanks, and have a great race!

ATHLETES: When you come to packet pickup you will receive a packet that contains, among other things, your assigned Timing Chip (picture at right). The front of the packet has instructions on what to do with each item in the packet and particularly with your responsibility in respect to the Timing Chip. In order to receive a time you must use the Timing Chip assigned to you and according to the instructions on the packet. Also, it is your responsibility to insure the safe return of the Timing Chip back to the timing company or pay a $30.00 replacement fee (receiving the chip back is prefered).    

The Fist Run & Walk

Friday, January 1 (Midnight) Portland, OR